Some of the volunteers and audience pose with some of the 100 hand-painted icons used in the performance. Photo: Zahra Mirmalek.

I love non-traditional data visualization and I regularly think about how we can continue to push the boundaries. There are many ways to entertain, motivate, and impassion an audience and the arts have provided a wide range of inspiration to data visualization practitioners over the years. …
112 Telefact charts from 1938–1938, syndicated by Pictograph Corporation

While Otto Neurath invented the Isotype in Vienna in 1925 and guided its evolution to international acclaim, he was not successful in the United States. Unfortunately, his method of pictorial statistics was not readily taught in schools and is not (yet) practiced today.

But it turns out that isotype charts…

An interview with the Financial Times data-journalist about his experience visualizing the COVID-19 pandemic

One hears the word ‘unprecedented’ a lot these days. It’s as if the language we use to explain our world is breaking down and superlatives just aren’t able to keep up with the new reality brought to us by the coronavirus pandemic. …

The spine of “The Struggle for Five Years in Four” as photographed in the NYPL, photo by the author

Documenting the little-known Isotypes created by the IZOSTAT — a Soviet ‘spin-off’ by Otto Neurath in 1932

Libraries are full of knowledge waiting to be discovered. This untapped potential knowledge is hard to truly understand until you try to grasp the enormity of what is archived. Listening to the artist Jer Thorpe’s brilliant podcast, Artist in the Archive, created during an artist residency at the Library of…

Jason Forrest

Dataviz Designer at McKinsey, Editor-in-chief at Nightingale, Electronic Musician. Contact & more:

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